At The Oaklands we work hard to make the curriculum enjoyable, interesting and relevant to enable our pupils to be confident and capable citizens of the 21st Century.


The Curriculum Overviews below show the range of topics studied by each year group and the knowledge and skills taught for each subject

The Teaching Of Reading Will Include

  • Regular, engaging phonic sessions every day using a range of engaging resources and strategies
  • Opportunities to rehearse and practice skills following a planned scheme (Letters and Sounds)
  • Explicitly taught strategies for decoding and encoding fluently, confidently and independently when reading and writing
  • Regular Guided Reading sessions which allow pupils to develop a deeper understanding of a wide range of genres and texts
  • Opportunities for children to read for pleasure and enjoyment
  • Opportunities to apply these skills independently across the curriculum

Phonics And Reading

At The Oaklands we aim to support children to become confident, fluent and independent readers with a love a books that will last a lifetime. We will achieve this through:

  • Developing a whole school approach to phonics teaching
  • Following the DfE recommended scheme ‘Letters and Sounds’ in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage
  • Providing reading experiences every day for all pupils
  • Motivating and engaging pupils to develop as confident, successful readers and writers
  • Supporting pupils who are working below age related expectations in reading

For more information regarding the curriculum, please contact a member of SLT