Parents/carers, we believe your children are resilient and insightful and should
be consulted on issues that affect them. Their voice matters.
Inspired by this guidebook, we have realised that, whilst many helpful guides
have been published about being at home with children during COVID-19,
children’s skills and perspectives are often missing.
We invite your children to help address
this and to share their views.

What will happen to your responses?


Children’s views will be published in a guidebook for
adults* containing advice about life at home during and after
lockdown. This will be published on the Birmingham Educational Psychology Service


How can my child/children take part?


 Ask your child any of the questions below

 Send responses to: by
19th June 2020

 Get creative! Children can write or draw
their responses or ask you to record them.

 Include your child’s name, age and area of
Birmingham that you live in, if you would
like this to be published.

 Your child’s school may be able to send this
to us on your behalf, with your consent.

We hope that this will:

 Be a fun, thought-provoking activity for children

 Enable children to feel empowered, included and listened to

 Provide adults with practical ideas

 Highlight how children canprovide creative solutions
during challenging time



To give advice to those remaining in lockdown



  • How have you managed to enjoy your time at home?


  • What skills have you used to make staying at home more rewarding for
    your parent(s)/carer?


  • hare a story of one of your favourite times at home with your family… Maybe a story from lockdown or from when you were little…
    What do you think your parent(s)/carers should know or do to make staying at home together a happier experience for you?


  • What things have you tried to remember or told yourself to make you feel stronger when you’ve found staying at home difficult?


  • What has made your relationship better with your parent(s)/carers while staying at home during lockdown?


  • What could adults do to feel better or happier when at home?


  • Do you know any songs to listen to or stories to read that might help adults to feel better?




To give advice to those coming out of lockdown


  • What skills can you use to make returning to school positive?


  • What do you think teachers should know to help them to prepare for returning to school?


  • What do you hope to do outside of your home after lockdown?


  • What would you like to suggest to your parent(s)/carers or teachers to help them to keep well while coming out of lockdown?


  • What are you most looking forward to when returning to school?


Thank you, we look forward to sharing the views of children and
young people in Birmingham.