Principal’s Welcome

The Oaklands Primary School is a learning community committed to providing every opportunity for all to develop to their full potential.

In 2013 The Oaklands joined the Ninestiles Academy Trust. There are seven schools within our Trust, four primary and three secondary. The school leaders, staff and governors work in close collaboration, developing expertise and sharing resources in order to create and sustain an outstanding learning community for all.

At The Oaklands we are all learners. We strive to inspire all of our school community to go beyond what they consider possible for themselves, to experience new things and to realise all aspects of their potential. We instil a passion for learning that they will carry with them as they move on to the next phase of their learning journey.
For every child in our school we aim to:
– Nurture and challenge their intellectual and imaginative capacities.
– Open them up to the world of evolving knowledge.
– Ensure there is legitimate progression of learning from one day, week, month, term and year to the next.
– Care for them with humanity and sensitivity.
– Teach them with genuine respect, enlightened discipline and imaginative flair.
– Maximise their potential for later schooling, post-school education and employment.
– Help them to contribute to and enjoy the fruits of living within a society that is fair, tolerant, honourable, knowledgeable, prosperous and happy.
To achieve these aims we work in close partnership with our parents and local community, creating a friendly, safe and supportive environment for where our pupils enjoy and achieve.

Dominic Davis